Friday, December 21, 2012

My night out!

Our ward (church members in our congregation) has a night where the young men and young women watch all the primary age kids one night so the parents can go out Christmas shopping.  This is a yearly tradition and I must admit it isn't my favorite because in past years my kids have been too young to go and my husband is a leader so it is just another night of me at home watching my kids while Bob helps watch everyone else's.  But this year, even though Scarlett and Penelope are not technically primary age, Bob was going to bring them all leaving me alone to do whatever I want.  Too bad it got cancelled due to slush.  Tucker was sad about it, so instead of going to several stores alone we all went as a family.
Here I am on my way out.  We returned a few things and let the kids eat and play at McDonalds.  It was nice how empty the place was.
After we got home we watched Charlie Brown Christmas.  It turned out to be a good night.

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Anonymous said...

My mother and I use to host a Mom's Morning Out" every Wednesday for years at our church and it was well attended..We charged a nominal fee and it gave them 3 hours of freedom.