Monday, January 21, 2013

Life Update

It has taken me a couple weeks to get into the swing of things this year.  Probably because of the cold I had.  I realized that it someone in our family has been sick for over a month.  Even right now I am feeling much better but Bob is feeling sick he even stayed home from work on Friday.  Anyway, I am ready to start being productive again.  I even think I am going to try to exercise (you can hear the commitment in that last sentence right?).  Needless to say not too much has been going on at my house.
Bob and the kids are excited about the tablet Bob bought.  I don't really see the point in it but they like it so I am happy for them.  I have been focusing a lot on baby names.  It is soooo hard to pick.  Part of me thinks we still have plenty of time but another part gets worried that we will have the baby soon and have no name.  

Last Tuesday my youngest brother left for the MTC!  It is pretty exciting for my parents to have their 8th and last child out of the house.  And my sister surprised us when she let everyone know that she is getting married on Saturday!  That is right, she got engaged over Christmas break and this weekend I will be flying to Vegas so I can go to the ceremony.  That means all my siblings will be married off except for the one in the MTC.  And Bob will get to spend three nights alone with the kids for the first time ever!  It is going to be an exciting weekend.


Sarah said...

That's great you get to go to Vegas for your sister's wedding! I am headed to Nevada too in a few weeks and Danny will be home alone with the kids for like 5 days! That should be a fun little break for you.

Mary-Anne said...

I'm so excited for Vegas! We're leaving Jacob home with my parents...our first night away from him ever. :) It'll be fun! See you Saturday!