Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snoqualmie Falls

We decided to drive up to see Snoqualmie falls yesterday since Bob and Tucker were home.  I had been their as a kid but I don't really remember and Bob and the kids haven't seen it so I thought it would be a fun day trip.  There is an old train station near by with very old trains that aren't running.  We stopped there first to have  a look around.  
It was freezing!  At least for us.  27 degrees and we were cold.  Luckily we all wore coats and gloves.  The upside was there was no one there!  There was one guy inside running the museum and the rest of the place was empty.

 So we had fun playing around and taking pictures.
Some of us climbed up onto the train, but the kids were all too scared.  It was neat because there was a hatch on the top that we opened up and looked inside the train.  It reminded me of a movie where they climb on top of the trains to run from each other and fight.
I think we were not supposed to go inside this train.  But since no one was around bob forced the door open and we checked it out.  It was neat.  I heard they use to tour the inside but now keep it shut to stop vandalism.  So since no one was around and we aren't the vandalizing type I figure no harm done. Bob shut it back up once we left.

Next is a picture of my mom and Tucker walking and that building in front of them is the old train station.  I think I read it was built in 1890 but it must have been restored since then.
After that we warmed up in the car during the two minute drive to the waterfall.
 It was very foggy and frosty out.
 Some of the paths to see the waterfall were closed because of ice.
 I thought the trees were beautiful.

We would hear the waterfall and feel the moisture in the air as we got closer.

But once we got to the top this is all we could see.

Seriously, one of the main reasons I wanted to go was to take pretty pictures of the waterfall.  But we couldn't even make it out a little bit.  It just looked white!  We were also going to have a picnic lunch but everything was wet and cold, so we got hot chocolate from the gift shop and ate lunch in the car as we drove home.  We drove about 3 1/2 hours (round trip) to see it so we just had to laugh when we realized that we weren't going to be able to see it at all.  I guess we will be back sometime over the summer.  I am extra glad we went to the train station because without that they entire trip would have been a bust.  Surprisingly the kids didn't seem to care that we couldn't see the waterfall and everyone was ok with just going home.


Michael and Denise said...

The train station looks awesome. Sorry you didn't get to see the falls.

Sofia Donatelli said...

What great pictures and what an experience for the kids that they will never forget.

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Wendy Sice said...

The black and white train pics are stunning, especially the one of the train station building. It looks so cold up by the waterfall - icy!