Thursday, January 24, 2013

TV Armiore to Dresser

The only big thing we needed for the baby was a new dresser.  Actually we have a dresser/changing table so what we needed was a new dresser for Scarlett since she was using the changing table.  After looking on craisglist for a few days I found a perfect tv armoir for only $10 and transformed it into a cute dresser armoire for a grand total of about $40.  Fitting in into the Flex with all 5 of us and no rope was probably the hardest part.  Here is the before pic.
 It was yellow with curious george stickers all over it and the back wood needed a little fixing.
 Tucker really wanted to keep the stickers on.

 And here is the after pic.
The first thing I did was sand it down, take all the hardware off and repaint the outside white.  I did the inside pink because Penelope requested it pink.  I used paint we already had so that saved me a few bucks. I added a little detail by hand with grey paint. Then I replaced the hardware.  I spent about $10 on hardware.
And added a few updates to the inside as well.  My girls have a ton of bows, so I thought making the inside of the doors a bow holder would save space.  I also added a little mirror for them and a bar to hang up clothes.  All very easy upgrades.
The plastic tubs work great for socks and pajamas and those ended up costing almost more than the $15 armoire I started with.  I probably should have checked the dollar store but I wanted a specific size so I could get the most out of my space and ended up paying $12 for those.  Once you add in the hangers and little things like the mirror that put me up to $45.  I'd say a pretty good deal.  And the girls like it too.  Scarlett is obsessed with having the doors shut.  If they are ever open she shouts "shut" and runs over to slam them shut, sometimes Penelope fights her on this.
I love how it turned out.  It will be perfect for my girls room because they only have one tiny closet they will be sharing very soon.


Sarah said...

This turned out so great! That's such a good idea for all the bows.

Michael and Denise said...

Very cute! I love the hardware you chose.

Sofia Donatelli said...

I LOVED what you did with this dresser. I love organization. This is a great idea and I love what you did inside of it too.

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Anonymous said...

Wow you did a fab job xxx

DerrK said...

I love it! Love everything about it.

Janine said...

What a fantastic idea!! I love how it looks afterwards :)

Janine xx
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Voices of the Graves said...

Love it, very nice.

Wendy Sice said...

You did a brilliant job! I love organising wardrobes! Are you meant to be painting when you are pregnant though? Take care! :)

Anna K. said...

This is the cutest little armoir ever!

Stephanie said...

That is beautiful! You did a fantastic job! Love it.

Leah said...

Such a great job revamping this tv stand into something beautiful that will work for your new baby! I love the little touches you added.