Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ward Christmas Party

The night before we left for my parents house we went to our ward activity.  The first thing we did there was see Santa.  I'm still not really sure why Santa is at our ward christmas activity but I did love how this year if you wanted to see santa you needed to come early.  Scarlett was not happy when we made her sit on Santa's lap, and Penelope was unsure.  Tucker had no problems though.  Thanks to the people involved this years ward activity I know that is a lot of work.  Anyway, after Santa we went and did crafts in the Primary room with the kids.  

Next the Young Men did a little song where Bob "played" the triangle.
Then dinner.  I volunteered to bring a dessert. But for some reason as I was baking brownies they burned up (black and crunchy)  in about 15 minutes.  I wasn't really sure what happened because I set the timer and the oven was only set to 350.  When we got them out there was smoke everywhere and the preheated light was blinking (we have never seen it blink before).  So something wacky happened to our oven.  We think the temperature gauge might be broken so it just heated up all the way.  We need to take a closer look at it and maybe get a new oven.  For now we will use the microwave, and Bob made a new batch of brownies at church because he had to be there early anyway.

Next they had a nice spiritual Christmas program that I enjoyed.  The primary even sang a couple songs.
We decided to keep the kids up late that night and open presents from cousins.

Which present went to which person got a a little mixed up but we sorted it out.
Overall it was a great Christmassy night with family!

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