Friday, February 1, 2013

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

A vegas wedding was something I didn't think I would get to experience but thanks to a surprise from my sister I did!  She told me about two weeks before the wedding that she and David were going to Vegas to get married.  I wanted to go and since tickets were cheap I was able to.
I'll post up pictures of the newlyweds later, for now I want to talk about the chapel.  My sister didn't use it but they do have a drive through.  You can literally drive through and get married.  I had heard of them before but I wasn't sure they were real.  A cab driver even said that he drove through two times before while people got married in the backseat.  And one couple just met!  Crazy right?
Look there is even an order menue.  According to this you can get married for only $25, and that includes wedding music.

If bob was there I totally would have drove through and pretended to get married.  Then when people ask about our wedding I can show them the picture.  Oh well, I got a picture of Isaac and Kim at the window instead.

I like to get a geocache every time I go on vacation.  Sort of a way to log all the places I visit.  It is instead of collecting spoons or useless souvenirs.  Luckily the wedding chapel had their very own geocache.

The wedding was a fun new experience.  It was pretty different than the temple weddings I am used to attending.  Although it did have more in common than other big fancy weddings.  The small intimate setting was more like it that a huge church with 200 people watching.

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