Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Newborn Photography

I hope you aren't getting tired of newborn pictures because I still have plenty more.  I even got my baby announcements in last Friday so I am waiting for those to get mailed out before I share my very favorite pictures with you.  The ones up today are also my favorites, but I just couldn't put them all on the announcement.

Leon is a pretty good baby.  I think he is the quietest one in the house.  The hard part is dealing with the other kids when I am taking care of Leon.  That, and he is still pretty back and forth with his sleeping.  Some nights he does great and we all get a lot of sleep.  Other times it feels like we are all up all night.  Good thing I have lots of help.

Which picture is your favorite?


Sofia Donatelli said...

He is adorable! God bless him.

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Liv said...

He's darling. I love all his dark dark hair (my daughter was born w/black brown hair, too) and definitely love the blue blankie photo best. His face is hilarious!


Anna said...

the last one for sure... so so cute!

Gayle Daly said...

I love the baby body fuzz. He is a beauty!

Trina said...

The top one, he is precious!