Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tom's Teriyaki

We met bob at work for lunch yesterday.  Ok, it wasn't really at his work since I am not allowed inside the gate, but we did pick him up right outside the gate and drove to a local Japanese restaurant.  Tom's Teriyaki is one of Bob's favorites.  We used to meet for lunch about once every two weeks, but once I got pregnant and sick we kind of stopped doing it all together.  We decided to take advantage of the extra help and eat out again.
I would say it went pretty well with Leon.  You can tell by the picture below that he really enjoyed the outing ;-)
He didn't wake up once.  Scarlett on the other hand got upset because she thought the plate of potstickers was hers.   When really they were for everyone.  She got really mad and kept screaming when Penelope put some on her plate.  I look a little tired in the next picture, but that is understandable because I was feeling pretty sick the same morning.

Scarlett wanted me to take her picture but refused to smile.  She is funny.
There is this other sandwich shop that I like even better, but they only have outside seating, so maybe when the weather gets better.


Anna said...

so much fun. Leon looks like Tucker in his sleepy photo. oh so cute!!

Sofia Donatelli said...

Beautiful family picture.

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