Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Birthday Photography

Scarlett spent the last year getting into everything she possibly could!  I guess that is part of being a toddler.  She especially loved playing in the kitchen and bathroom. If I didn't know where she was for five minutes my heart would start pounding because I knew she was making some sort of mess somewhere.  

Scarlett learned how to climb up chairs right after she learned how to walk.  That was way too young.  It was impossible to keep things out of her reach.  You know, things like knives and medicine.  She sliced her finger open playing on the counter.  She would even use the chairs to get things out of the upper cabinents in the kitchen.  One of the biggest messes was when she found the food dye.  I wish I had more pictures of these things, but when your child's hands, face and body is covered in food dye you can't leave them for one second to get the camera or the mess tripels.
Scarlett is a great addition to our family because she is perfectly happy to play on her own.  She doesn't mind not getting as much attention.  Actually I think she prefers it.  She is always telling me "no" when I ask if she wants help.  She is also very possessive.  That might be something she learned from having older siblings.  If she doesn't hold on to her things tight they might get taken away.  When in actuality she takes things from Penelope more then Penelope takes from her.
Scarlett is very active and also very loud.  Sometimes I think those things go hand in hand.  She gets away with so much more then the other kids because I know that if I don't give in she will scream (I know great parenting, right).  I find myself telling Penelope to just give her the toy because Scarlett won't stop fighting until Penelope gives in and if I am feeding Leon or something I can't really intervene.
Scarlett loves: 
Food. She always follows us into the kitchen hoping we are getting something for her.
Her yellow knitted blanket.  If she notices I am doing laundry she screams and runs and finds her blanket screaming 'no wash' because she knows that when I wash it she doesn't get it for a while.
To say yes.   She has the quiet breathy yes that is usually accompanied with a smile and so cute.
Leon.  Every time he makes a noise she gets really happy and shouts "Eon" like it's the first time she's ever seen him.
Her sandals.  I'm not sure why, but good luck convincing her to wear any other shoes.
We Love:
That she gets herself into her car seat!  
Her curly red hair!
How excited she gets to see us!
Her adorable smile and blue eyes!
That she will always go get things for us (like Leon's pacifier or a new diaper)!
How she folds her arms because she wants to eat and she knows we need to do prayer regardless if the food is ready or not.
How full of life she is!


Gayle Daly said...

:) sigh :)

Gayle Daly said...

My comment meant, I sighed and chuckled. So so cute and reading about Penelope made my heart feel warm.

Liv said...

She is such a darling!

Mharms said...

Oh how adorable she is. You describer her so lovingly. How old is she? Mine is 28 months.

Marms of Mommy's Bright Bundles

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Gorgeous, adorable priceless.


Kelsey Bang said...

oh my! she is a doll! such beautiful pictures!