Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to make an Ice Cream Cake

For birthdays at our house I usually try to make one that looks like the child's favorite character.  But, the only thing Scarlett really likes is food.  So I decided to give an ice cream cake a shot.  I think it turned out pretty good and it was easier than I expected.  Just make sure you are doing it the day before because the freezing takes some time.

I made a cookies and cream ice cream cake with funfetti.  I tried really hard to get Scarlett to pick the  chocolate cake mix, but the funfetti box was just to exciting.

One box cake mix and everything it calls for
One rectangular carton of ice cream
Two tubs of frosting
Tons of Sprinkles

1. Make the cake according to the directions and bake in a 9 x 13 pan.  Onces cooled cut the top off so it is flat.  Then freeze the cake.

2.  Open up the ice cream carton.  Let the ice cream soften enough to cut it in half. You should now have two one inche to two inch tall rectangles.  I attempted to use a piece of floss to slice it down the middle but had better luck with a knife.

3. Put the ice cream on top of the cake and cut the edges off of the cake so it matches the ice cream.  Then smooth out and shape the soften ice cream.  

(I messed this up a little bit.  Make sure the ice cream is on top!  I flipped mine and it made things more difficult in the end)

Now put the cake back into the freezer and let it get really hard before frosting.

 4.  Frost the cake and decorate however you want!  I had to refreeze mine while frosting because I wasn't fast enough.  I also read that a melted vanilla ice cream works great for frosting although that isn't what I used.

Scarlett loved the cake.  I don't think it was the prettiest cake I've ever made.  But to a two-year-old I don't think it could have looked much better!


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I love ice cream cake, although there is a few extra steps in making it.

DerrK said...

Cool! Maybe you can make this for Audrey's birthday in a couple months. LOL!