Monday, May 13, 2013

Scarlett's Birthday

Last week was Scarlett's birthday.  I wanted to do things she would enjoy and since she only answers yes or no to any questions we kind of had to think of our own ideas.  We decided to get pizza and go to the park.  It was sooooo hot and Scarlett hurt her foot that same morning but we still had a good time.  I know about a little park that no one ever goes to.  We have been there three times and never seen anyone else there.  It is only about two years old and five minutes away from our house.   A great spot for a day when everyone probably went to the park.

After the park we came home and opened presents.  She got a matching pink scooter to go with Penelope's red one.  Penelope insisted that we buy it for Scarlett when she saw it at a garage sale the week before.  Bob and I collected toys that we didn't really want anymore and put them in the garage about a year ago.  So we let Tucker and Penelope each pick out a few of those to give to Scarlett.  She was excited and didn't know the difference.
I think Scarlett really enjoyed the fact that it was her special day.  When the kids and I woke her up we sang happy birthday and she was happy about it.  People were telling her happy birthday all day and she mostly ignored them and acted grumpy because of her foot but I think she enjoyed the extra attention.

My family has a tradition where whoever's birthday it is gets to sit in a decorated chair for meals all day.  So I put a big pink blanket over the chair before she came down for breakfast and she cried about it and wouldn't sit until I took it off.  I guess she didn't quit understand that one.  Maybe next year.
By the end of the day Scarlett definitely knew it was her birthday.  She may not have known what that meant but she kept grabbing her toys and things away from Tucker saying "no, scarett bifday."  

Oh, and we measured her on the wall where we mark everyones heights and she is a good two inches taller than Penelope was on her second birthday.  I wonder if she will pass her up?


2012july said...

Garage sale toys make great presents for little ones. You made a wonderful day for your whole family without excessive spending - Congratulations!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

That last photo is just adorable.