Thursday, May 2, 2013

Love and Logic

We have had the best weather lately and the park yesterday was great!  It must be the sunshine because playgroup was way more fun outside then how we normally meet in the gym.  I love getting together with other moms and letting the kids play.  Add in sunshine, Leon sleeping in the wrap, and nobody getting hurt and that to me is a perfect outing.

I read a Love and Logic book and have been trying some of the parenting techniques.  If you haven't heard of it I think it is pretty good and worth looking into.  A lot of it is about natural consequences and letting the kids problems be their problems and not my problem.  So yesterday morning Tucker forgot his backpack.  He was just getting out of the car when we realized and he begged me to go home and get it.  I felt really bad but I told him no and sent him to class.  He was crying and it was sad.  But according to the book if I went and brought it to him that would teach him that it doesn't really matter if he grabs his backpack or not because mom will just bring it if he doesn't.  I have to admit it was hard not to give in and help him out.  Especially because we only live a couple blocks away and it would have been so easy to do.  Does anybody else out there parent with 'Love and Logic?'

Next is a picture from the weekend of Leon wearing what use to be Tucker's Ohio State onesie with his grandpa from Ohio.  It is really nice that our kids get to see both sets of grandparents.


Jacquelyn said...

I think showing the Love may be more important than the logic sometimes. It can be a tough call, but knowing that your parents can be there when you need them is so important also.

Gayle Daly said...

You did the right thing. I'm sure Tucker got over it pretty quickly. Natural consequences make for healthy children. A friend told me once and I've never forgotten... our children's self esteem is built by providing them opportunties to succeed, not by telling them how wonderful everything they do is. So that is a perfect example of natural consequences. They see for themselves what they accomplished. I think you are smart to read a parenting book while your children are young. It provides you with information to form healthy boundaries and guidelines. Children need that. Keep it up Doranda! You are a very good MOM!

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