Wednesday, May 1, 2013

First lost tooth!

When Tucker came running to me after school with a small manilla envelope I had no idea what it was.  He quickly told me that he lost a tooth!  He has had a few wiggly teeth for about a month now and he couldn't be more excited that one actually fell out.  I was also excited for him.  He told me that it came out right when he was walking in the parking lot in the morning.  I can't believe I missed it by just a couple minutes.  He went straight to the office and they helped him put it into an envelope.   He said there was some blood and it just hurt a tiny bit.

Later Tucker informed me that he gets a dollar from the tooth fairy.  That is way more than I got, and I'm not exactly sure why he thinks that but I went ahead and went along with it.  The funny thing was that he was so excited about his tooth he kept looking at it and actually lost it before bedtime.  I told him to just put the envelope under his pillow and the tooth fairy would just have to figure it out.  He asked me if Dad and I were the tooth fairy and I told him yes.  But that didn't diminish any of our fun.  We snuck into his room around 10 and put a $1.09 in the envelope so he could actually buy something.  Penelope saw us and we laughed because that girl never sleeps.  Tucker was so out if it he had no idea. He didn't even check the envelope in the morning.  He just told me it was still there, but he was excited when he looked inside.


Sarah said...

That's so exciting he lost his first tooth! Jackson can't wait until he loses a tooth, but I don't think it will be for a while.

Sofia Donatelli said...

What a big boy. Adorable picture.


DerrK said...

Yay, I told Audrey that we are the Easter Bunny and she didn't seem to care. I think we have told the kids we are the tooth fairies too, but that was when L lost his tooth and I'm not sure they remember. They don't bring it up. That's a good idea to up the $1 to $1.09 so they can buy something. We might start doing that.