Thursday, May 23, 2013

Olympic Game Farm

A couple weekends ago we drove up to Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.  I don't know how we lived here so long and haven't gone yet.  It was really fun!  It is one of those places where your drive through and the animals come up to you car and you get to feed them.  We brought two loaves of bread and ran out.  It cost us just over $20 and took us an hour and a half to drive through.  It was totally worth it.  I thought we'd be lucky if one animal ate from our hands but we fed about 50.  Some of the buffalo were pretty much attacking our car trying to get the bread.  Scarlett screamed her head off when the giant animals stuck their heads in our car and Penelope refused to feed them, but Tucker wasn't scared at all.
The Zebra were a little scary because there were signs up saying that they will bite you.  One of the videos posted below is of me feeding a zebra.

Next is a picture of the farm from the top.
The Peacocks were everywhere.  We even had one that wouldn't get out of our way and we couldn't drive for a minute.
This was the first one we fed and we were excited.  Later I found out that he was pretty mild.  He didn't lick the car or stick is face in very far.
The bears mostly just chilled. But their website says they can wave and that they were used for Disney. We got a video of the car in front of us throwing a piece of bread to this bear and he catches it in his mouth.  It's pretty cool.
Leon even had to get in on the action.  We actually drove both cars up and then all squished into the honda while we drove around the park.  Bob didn't want to get our car scratched up.  Now that its done, I don't think it would have gotten scratched just really dirty.
Check out the videos to see the craziness.


Talitha said...

looks fun! I can't wait to go!!!

DerrK said...

Great picture of the zebra with his tongue out!!! We all watched the videos and laughed. Fun times!