Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bow Tie Tutorial

I love bow ties on my little guys!  I made easy clip on ones here, but I like these real ones better.  They are a pain to tie, but they look so much fuller.  And I use elastic on the back so I only needed to tie them one time and just keep them tied.  Another great thing is that they can be worn on any size person.  Meaning you can make one for your baby and for your husband this father's day.

Go here to check out my skinny tie tutorial or here for a more traditional tie tutorial.

Materials Needed:
1/4 yard fabric
1/8 yard interfacing
sewing machine and thread

1) Print your Martha Stewart pattern or create your own, its very simple.  Cut out 4 pieces of your material.
2) Iron interfacing on two tie pieces.  Make sure you iron it to the back of your fabric.
3) Pin right sides together, using the other two tie pieces.  Sew around the entire thing except for the ends
4) Turn it inside out.  Now you can finish it off if you made it long enough.  But I prefer to finish the tie by folding the ends under and attaching one 6" piece of elastic to both ends.

Now you just have to tie the tie!  I used this tutorial, but there ar hundreds out there.

I totally need like 6 more!

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Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Just pinned this. I really want to make one for my husband now. I had no idea they could be so easy to make.