Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to host a Ninja Party

Tucker wanted to invite friends from school to his birthday party so we went ahead and invited the entire class.  I was pretty sure only a few would show up because it was the first weekend of summer and luckily I was right.  We ended up with 9 kids his age and a few of those were his cousins.

I started planning the ninja party by first making the invitations   I looked up ninja invitations on google and let tucker pick his favorite.  Then I tried to recreate it.  I think they turned out really cute.  After I printed them Tucker wrote the names of the 25 kids in his class on the envelopes and they passed them out in class. It was cute because he drew a little ninja on each invitation.
There was a party going on across the street so we made a little sign to make sure no one got confused.
Then I got creative and came up with a few ninja games.  The first was a ninja laser course.  We tied up string under the trampoline and the kids had to navigate through without touching the lasers.  It went really well, and was probably the favorite game.

Then we had a ninja star toss.  I made origami ninja stars and the kids got to practice their aim by trying to get them into the buckets.

We also let the kids fight their very own bad ninja.  I made ninja staffs out of pvc pipe, foam and twine then we gave each kid a staff and let them go to town against their own balloon.

The next picture shows the enemies were defeated.
After the games we did presents.  I like how all the kids crowd around to see what he got.

Then we of course had to have our own ninja cake.
The last game we did was a balancing game.  The ninja's got to practice walking on the edge of a building using the staffs for balance.  They also had to fight off bad guys and jump from one building to the next.

I almost forgot but we played the Kung Fu Panda sound track for background music.  We ended up having nice weather for the party and I think people had a good time.  I want to thank everyone who came and helped Tucker celebrate.  He said it was the best birthday ever!


Sofia Donatelli said...

Where do you find the time? LOL You are amazing. I love the ideas. The kids must of had a great time.

If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Edgy Chic'.

Have a wonderful day.


Gayle Daly said...

Great Party! You and Bob again hit the awesome parent level!

Michael and Denise said...

Awesome! The games look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

The laser game looks fab, I want a go! Haha hope you all ha a great day xxx

DerrK said...

What fun!!! That does sound like the best birthday ever. Nice planning Mom!

Suzanne Carillo Style Files said...

Wow! IMPRESSIVE! He will never forget that birthday!

Such creative games and theme. I love it.