Monday, June 24, 2013

Tucker's 6

Tucker is officially six years old!

Tucker loves:
the magic school bus
riding his bike
playing on top of the monkey bars
otter pops
playing with anyone/someone
bob's tablet
writing in his journal
his blue rain boots

Tucker is a very fun and active guy.  He always wants people to play with and things to do, which is one reason I am happy he has siblings that are close in age.  I feel like he needs to get outside and burn off all his energy.  Tucker smiles a lot but also gets sad easily. He can be pretty emotional.  It seems like he goes from really happy to devastated in as long as it takes me to tell him "just one show."
Tucker doesn't really care at all about what he looks like or his clothes.  He picks what to wear everyday based on what is the fastest and easiest to put on.  I think that is typical boy behavior.
Tucker is missing his bottom two teeth but the new ones are already growing back in.
The last picture is of Tucker making a ninja face.  He is still my most cooperative child when it comes to photographs.  Leon might give him a run for his money with all his big smiles.  We will see as he gets older.
I can't wait to post about the fun ninja party we had.


Hercules Family said...

Wow, it's crazy he is 6 already! I remember in Rexburg, going to the park with our babies and you tied that hat around his head since you didn't want him to pull it off:) It's funny the things you mentioned Tucker likes because Conner love those things too. Especially the Magic School Bus, I didn't even know that was still cool:) He sure is cute!

Emily said...

What a stud! Cute kid!