Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Last Day and Ninja Cupcakes

I can't believe today is the last day of kindergarten!!!  Yesterday I went with the kids to the park.  The classes walked right through our neighborhood to the playground.  It was fun because I got to bring four of my kids and Penelope liked the idea of playing with the kindergarteners.  And last Friday I brought cupcakes to school to celebrate Tucker's birthday.  His real birthday is this coming friday so we did it last week instead.  Of course we had to make ninja cupcakes because he will be having a ninja themed birthday party.

These are just fun fetti cupcakes with blue vanilla frosting.  Very simple and easy.  The tricky part was folding the ninja stars.  Each one uses two pieces of paper so it is almost like we had to make 50 instead of 25.  Good thing I got help from Bob and friends.  Here is the link that taught me how to make them.
It was really fun to go to Tucker's class and celebrate his birthday.  He was wearing a birthday hat and everything.  I could tell he liked being the center of attention.  The class was cute because Tucker got to choose a friend to help pass out cupcakes and then everyone in the class waited for Tucker to take the first bite.  I thought the kids might instantly start throwing the stars around and then the teacher wouldn't be happy with me. But amazingly the kids didn't.  I think I saw one throw and then they either just put them straight into their backpacks or the garbage.

The next picture is of the kids at the park. The end of the school year sure is busy.

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