Thursday, June 20, 2013

Last Day of School

I had definite mixed feelings about yesterday being the last day of school.  On the one hand we will have so much more time to do what we want to do and it is nice not to have a schedule.  But on the other hand part of me is sad that he finished kindergarten already.  He isn't going to have the same friends or teacher anymore.  And we are going to have to readjust everything with him being home during the day.  Like right now,  the kids are all napping except for Tucker.  He is supposed to be working on a word search.

Tucker thought it was neat to wear the same shirt on the first and last days of kindergarten.  Below is Tucker with his teacher.  She was a little teary eyed on the last day.  She is so great, I hope my other kids get her for kindergarten.
We wanted to celebrate so after naps for the younger kids we met at Mc Donalds with some friends.  Tucker worked up a nice sweat running around the play place. And everyone enjoyed their ice cream cones.
We even let the kids stay up late and roast marshmallows!  It was a great start to the summer.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom and Isaac!


Sofia Donatelli said...

You are an amazing mom. Your kids are blessed.


Gayle Daly said...

I'm still following your blog posts. We just got internet at our house yesterday. I haven't had time to post any pictures, but will soon. Keep on with what you and Bob are doing with your family. "You" are a happy family!
That's my quote from the Primary song. :)