Thursday, June 6, 2013

Scarlett Angel

Scarlett is so sweet and sometimes I call her my angel just to remind myself when she turns the house into a disaster zone that I love her and she is really sweet.  I found these pictures from a few weeks ago when she got into my make up.
Like how she started out putting it on her face.  Yeah, at first I just saw her and didn't realize that it was everywhere in the kids bathroom.
In case you are wondering what this pretty mess is she got into my foundation bottles and squeezed them out into the toilet and everywhere else.  I used to sell Mary Kay so under my sink I had about seven bottles of different shades of liquid foundation.  Fun right?
Like the gross hair on this one?
The hard thing is that they must be oil based because spraying down the tub with water did basically nothing for cleaning the mess up.  And I've washed these clothes a few times now and can't get it out.
I decided to not get mad at her and be happy about it by laughing and getting my camera.  It wasn't until that afternoon after I cleaned everything up when I got mad because I walked into my bathroom and realized it was everywhere in there as well.  So I sighed and thought to myself how much I love my angel Scarlett.

So your kids make big messes?


DerrK said...

HOLY COW! That's a big mess!

Mharms said...

Oh my! My little one found my my makeup bag and took the mascara. She looked like an untidy cat. Good thing she didn't poke her eyes with those.