Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Destruction Derby

As part of our effort to do more things locally we took the kids to the destruction derby Saturday night. In my opinion it was kind of over priced we payed the same about to see the cars crash and drive around a dirt field as we paid at olympic game farm.  But we did get to go before Tucker turned 6 so all the kids were free.

There was lots and lots of waiting around and it was super loud.  Luckily we brought ear plugs for everyone.  Scarlett and Leon wouldn't wear theirs but they didn't seem to mind.  Much to the people sitting near us's amazement Leon even slept through a lot of it.  We saw several cars roll over and even one small fire.  It was fun to predict wich car would win.  Somehow Tucker got it right more than the rest of us.
Sorry, these pictures aren't the greatest.  Sometimes it is so much easier just to take my small camera even though it makes everything blurry.  Tucker is showing off his ear plugs.
Scarlett was a big mess that night.  We brought popcorn to munch on but she kept dropping hers on the bleachers and still eating it.  That could be why she is sick right now.

I wouldn't say it was my favorite thing to do, but it was a different kind of night and it was something to do with the family.  Maybe we will go again in a couple years if we still live here.  Or, I could see it being more fun with a group of friends to chat to during all the breaks.

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