Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fire Safety Day

Every year we go to the fire safety day at the fairgrounds.  They have tons of booths set up where they pass out informational flyers and candy.  They also have bounce houses and several firetrucks for the kids to play on.
Penelope got to ride in the stroller on the way to the fairgrounds but had to walk back.  Her seat got filled up with all the kids stuff.  
I got to carry Leon in the wrap.  I've never worn it for 3 hours before and my shoulders were hurting by the time we got home.

Penelope got a new helmet.  Scarlett was really the one who needed a helmet, this way we will pass Penelope's old one to Scarlett because it is more her size.
 Here is Tucker learning about life jacket safety and fishing.
The kids liked climbing in all the trucks.  For some reason the bus was extra fun for Scarlett.  I think she liked that she had room to run around in it.
Scarlett chickened out on the bounce house.  So she played with bubbles while Tucker and Penelope jumped.
We all had a good time.  My favorite part was the free donuts.  Tucker said his favorite part was the pirate show even though we didn't get to watch it and Peneope said she liked the bounce house.  I would guess Scarlett's favorite part was eating all the candy and Bob's favorite part was when we got home.  Just kidding, I really don't know what Bob liked.  He probably would have chosen the Home depot booth if we would have stayed and bult the little trucks.

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