Monday, June 3, 2013

Zoo Field Trip with Dad!!!

This is Bob again, hijacking Doranda's blog
On Wednesday last week Tucker had a school field trip and they went to the Zoo, He was really excited, especially because his Dad was going to go with him this time. He must of told me half a dozen times; "Why you only come to one field trip dad?" I had a lot of fun, and so did Tucker.
There were a lot of parents who wanted to go to the Zoo with the class, so the ratio of parent to student was really low. So it ended up just being Tucker, another red head girl Suluna and I.

Here is a few pictures of Tucker and Suluna at the Kid Zone. I liked how Suluna had red hair. It was easy to spot her and Tucker in the crowd.

It was funny, because Suluna must have asked me to take pictures of her and Tucker at least 20 times.

Now, you are probably wondering, and thinking, "Wow Bob, the pictures you take are not as good as the ones your wife takes!" Well, let me explain.  First off, we brought our little pink camera to the zoo. Because I didn't want to lug around the huge SLR Canon. And second off, I didn't take most of the pictures, Suluna did. Tucker brought his own camera, you can see it in the first picture, (yes Suluna took that picture). And once Suluna saw I had a pink camera it was no longer my camera, it was hers.

 So, we ended up with pictures like these.

And this.

What is it about kids wanting to be super close, and to zoom in as much as possible?

Here is Tucker holding a bird. They didn't want the kids to touch them because they didn't want them to become "Domesticated".
So then why were we feeding them? I am pretty sure they were already domesticated, and would starve if kids didn't feed them.

And we also went to the Theatre and watched a play about Captain Amazing. Which was fun for the kids.

Tucker informed me that he had never been this high, and that he was on top of the World.

When we got back to the bus, both Tucker and Suluna were sad we had to go. And Suluna was trying to convince the teacher to let her go home with Tucker. I had a lot of fun running from animal to animal with the two kids. I can't wait till the next field trip I get to do with Tucker.

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