Friday, July 19, 2013


Tucker got some legos for his birthday and he plays with them all the time.  This is the first time we have had the regular size legos and he just loves them.  Before we had the duplo ones and he gave up playing with those a long time ago.  I knew Tucker would like the legos because he played them at  my moms house when we visited.  But I had no idea just how much time he would spend building.  The best part about it is that he is quiet and he is playing by himself.  He doesn't need my help to do it and I feel like when he is playing with legos he is using his imagination and engineering skills.

Tucker gets the Lego magazine.  Do your kids get it?  It is free, you just sign up online.  It has lego comics and a section that teaches how to build something.  They also feature kids and their creations.  Tucker asked if we could mail in a picture of what he built.  
He said it's called Superland and only superheros can live there.


Sofia Donatelli said...

You can tell he loves his gift. You need to email this picture to the person that gave it to him.


Malanda @ Outnumbered by Little Boys! said...

How sweet! My son is just now starting to get into the "big boy" Legos as he calls them.