Thursday, August 22, 2013

Anniversary Lunch

We met Bob for lunch on our anniversary.  We knew we weren't going to go out that night so we wanted to do something a little different from the norm.  I like to meet him downtown and eat outside on nice days.  It only stinks that I can't go inside his work ... ever (security reasons).  The kids all had fun and Tucker wanted to know why there were so many police men.  I thought it was funny.  Bob works at a Naval shipyard so during lunchtime the restaurant was packed with Navy guys in uniform.  I guess Tucker thought they looked like police.
I gave Bob a pick punch.  It is pretty much like a hole punch but in the shape of a guitar pick.  He has been having lots of fun with it.  Credit cards and gift cards are perfect pick material.  Bob got me a bunch of running stuff, which I needed and wanted.

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RoselyC said...

Happy Anniversary! Your babies are so adorable. Hope you all had a great time.