Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Pics

Our library has lots of fun events for the kids over the summer and we have really been taking advantage of it this year.  Last week they had fun african drumming.  I enjoyed listening the the guys play and the kids loved it when they got a turn.  It was cool because the guys from Africa even played songs the kids knew, like Mary had a Little Lamb.

On an unrelated note, I painted my toenails an ombre teal.  What do you think?  
I saw Scarlett cleaning up her cereal mess and had to take a picture.  I'm not sure what the floatie was about but it sure was cute.
We are going to go to the local fair today and I am excited about that.  Also, I put our couches up for sale on craigslist and someone is coming over to look at them soon.  I didn't think they would really sell and we don't have any other couches.  Haha, if the people buy them then we will have to get a new couch.  Bob can't argue with that right?

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Kayla said...

That's my favorite color for nail polish, I would buy all nail polish in shades of blue!

Your family is so adorable!