Friday, August 30, 2013

Ice Cream Social

Tucker's School does a little ice cream social the week before school starts.  It is a nice chance for us to drop off our school supplies, fill out papers, and see his classroom.  For some reason I was feeling stressed about the whole thing.  I know that he will spend so much time at school I just really want him to have a good teacher.  I only met her for a few minutes but I think she will be great.  Everyone who has had kids in her class just loves her so I am happy about that.  Tucker is glad his best friend, Noah, is going to be in his class.
Here is his desk.  It wasn't the most fun for me to fill out papers while sitting on the floor holding Leon on my lap while Penelope sat in the stroller and Scarlett repeatedly pushed the stroller into my back, but we managed.  I was happy when the kids saw the blocks to play with.
Less than one week and Tucker will start first grade!

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