Thursday, August 29, 2013

Zion's Camp

Last weekend we went on one last summer trip.  Ok it was actually our only summer vacation and it was camping for one night about an hour away from our house.  Next year we will do more of a vacation (we can't really afford to take all the trips we want to) and besides we did have a fun time.

The most notable time was when we went on the row boat.  I thought it would be fun because our whole family could fit on the boat and we didn't have to split up.  We started out with Bob rowing, Tucker and Penelope sitting in the back, I was holding Leon in the front of the boat facing everyone, and Scarlett was sitting right next to me..  Once we got out a little bit Tucker and Penelope tried rowing.  We sat and went in circles for a good twenty minutes and the kids thought it was so cool that they got to row the boat.

Scarlett kept reaching over trying to touch the water.  I told her several times not to but she always just does whatever she wants to.  Then while I was watching the older two try to row Scarlett tipped right over the edge!  I managed to grab her foot, but I had Leon on my lap and couldn't pull her up.  Meantime her head is underwater and bob is sitting in the very back of the boat.  He jumped over the middle and came an pulled her back into the boat.  The only problem with that was we were all in the very front leaning over the edge.  We almost all went in the water.  Everybody was pretty freaked out after that and we were done with boating for the day.

Looking back, I probably should have just let go of her foot because she had a lifejacket on and then her face wouldn't be in the water.  The first thing Tucker said when she came out was "Scarlett, did you see any sharks?" He asked because her head was under the water he thought she would be able to see what was down there. Notice how she is wet and not happy in the picture?  She wasn't even wearing a swimsuit and it was only low seventies outside.
Anyway, we got to make my favorite camping foods.  Tin foil dinners!  And at night we made smores.  Yumm
For breakfast we tried to wrap a Pillsbury cinnamon roll dough over a stick and cook it that way but it didn't work very well.  It was hard to cook them without burning them.
Zion's camp had all kinds of fun rope swings.  This big one was our favorite and we each took several turns every time we walked past.
Penelope thought it was really scary.  This was the only time she did it alone.

The even had a swing tied up for Leon.
We took some time for archery.  Now all my kids want to watch Brave again.

I think Scarlett could make a good Brave with her curly red hair.  Maybe we should do that for Halloween.
And back to the water.  Tucker is the only one who wanted to go in.
Leon fell asleep on me while we watched them play.
I want to go back again next year, but stay longer.  A lot of work goes into camping and I'm not sure if it is worth it for just one night.


Gayle Daly said...

What a wonderful family outing. Yes camping is a lot of work especially for just one night. Looks like a wonderful time even with Penelope taking a dunk.

DerrK said...

Fun adventures! I didn't even read the whole part where you told us about Scarlett before I knew something had to have happened. Oh my gosh! I would have freaked out too. Glad everyone made it out safely. We never made it camping this year, but it's always on our to do list.