Friday, September 20, 2013

Baby Bump Cake Tutorial

We had a baby shower for a friend a few weeks ago.  Actually the baby was just born this week and he looks super cute in pictures (I haven't seen him in person yet).  Anyway, for the shower I made this baby bump, or pregnant belly, cake.  

Materials Needed:
two cake Mixes
One 9 inch pan
one 8 inch pan
two large muffin pans or ramekin dishes
1) Bake your cakes.  I used two mixes and made sure to put lots of the batter in the 9 inch pan.  I just had to keep checking to see if they were done yet.  Generally the larger the pan the longer it needed to cook.

2) Shape your belly.  I froze mine first and did this the next day.  It made shaping easier, but it isn't necessary.  Cut the top off your 9" so it is flat and stick the 8" on top.  You should already start to have a belly shape.  Then just use a knife to round it all out.
3) Place them on your tray and frost.  I used different frostings so people could have options.  I used store bought frosting for this.
4) Roll out your fondant and place it on top.  I love the marshmallow fondant recipe.  You can find it all over the internet if you do a quick search.

Next you just trim around the edges and decorate how you like.

5)  I added sleeves by cutting the fondant into this weird shape then folding them in half. I filled the sleeve with plastic wrap so it didn't compress.  I also added little fondant balls around the edges.
There you go, a nautical pregnant belly baby shower cake.


Cody Doll said...

VERY Cute cake. Like extremely!

DerrK said...

Was this for Beth's shower? You did an fabulous job! It's so cute!

Lorna Midwood said...

Ah this is so cute, you're very talented xxx

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