Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Puyallup Fair Take 3

This year the fair had a free 3d movie.  Tucker thought it would be scary but it wasn't at all.  I got a little dizzy walking to the movie screen with my glasses on.  Scarlett was scared of it because the fish kept coming at her so she took her glasses off and refused to put them back on.  Other than that it was fun and really cute.
I like walking through the hobby hall and seeing all the collections.  These trolls seemed super creepy to me.  What do you think?
Tucker go to participate in a magic show.  He was so excited that he got to balance two spinning balls at the same time.
Of course the kids wanted to try out the jiggle foot.  Good thing they have small feet and can all go at the same time.
The last thing we did at the fair was fishing.  It was a free catch and release tank.  Each child got to fish with a helper until they caught one.  Scarlett thought the fishing was fun she just wasn't happy when they pulled out a fish.  She was really scared of it.
Tucker was so excited.
Penelope was somewhere between the two.  She was happy she caught it but she didn't want it near her.
It is nice that we live close to such a huge fair.  Once a year it is like a mini vacation. 


Lorna Midwood said...

I don't like 3D films either, i get really tense and therefore jump more........makes me feel rather silly in the cinema xxx

Dana Jo said...

OMG what a lovely family! The kids are soooo cute! And you are so beautiful... it´s unbelievable! :)
I only have one daughter, she is 23 but still living with us because studying. Thank you very much for sharing this sweet pictures :)

have a wonderful week