Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Did the Puyallup

So I know it isn't technically the Puyallup fair but I will probably always still call it that.  Bob thinks they changed the name to the Washington State Fair because Puyallup is too hard to say.  We had a busy day and I have many more pictures to share.
These piglets were only two days old!  I've seen baby pigs before but not that young.  A friend went a few days before me and saw the pregnant pig.  I heard she gave birth right at the fair.  Poor mom.
The kids loved these little tractors.  We came in the morning on a Friday and everything was pretty empty until about noon.  It was nice. Our kids were the only ones on these.  Scarlett needed to have the pink one.  There were smaller ones but she would only get on this one.  I got to push her around.
Tucker tried going though the course backwards and they made him turn around. :-)
Penelope managed with only a little bit of help.
The little petting zoo was great.  It is always so packed, but once again our kids were the only ones.  I guess I am just used to going on the free day when everything is crazy packed.

Bob and I both passed the PT challenge.  I think Bob did 80 pushups in one minute and I have no idea how many sit ups.  I did 16 1/2 push ups and 34 sit ups.  15 and 32 were the requirements for my age.  I barely was able to do them.  I wasn't surprised 15 pushups is a lot and they were tough.  I had to touch the woman's hand each time and if I didn't she wouldn't count it.  That is why I got 16 1/2 the half is the one she didn't count.
Last fair post will be tomorrow.


P. said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I didn't know you guys lived in WA. I used to live on the other corner of it, in Spokane (well, I lived in the PNW for a few months too, it's pretty cool but the rain...! my goodness.)

Ana Paula
{Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Dying over the pink tractor!

Talitha said...

Cute family pic! Leon's hair looks a bit lighter. I hope to still make it to the fair and yes way less crowded on non free day! Also my friend went there last night and I think a baby cow was born while they watched! Gross

fleurani said...

Oh my gosh Doranda, what a precious Family you have. Your Kids are just beautiful and super cute. I hope I will have as cute Kids as you have :-)

Following you now via GFC. Would love if you find the time to check out my blog as well and if you like follow back :-)