Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Yesterday was Tucker's first day of first grade!  He wasn't nervous at all, just excited.  He loved school last year and I have high hopes that this year will be the same.  His teacher seems nice and he has at least two friends from his kindergarten in his class.
I wanted him to pick out his favorite outfit to wear on the first day.  But we had conflicting opinions about what he should wear.  He wanted a hand me down batman shirt.  I love hand me downs an we buy most of his clothes from good will anyway, but this shirt does look faded and I didn't really want it for the pictures.  He can wear it any other day, just not the first day.  So I took him to Ross last week, and let him pick out a couple new shirts.  This one happens to glow in the dark.
We also opted for a nicer back pack this year.  Notice I said nicer not more expensive?  We got it at a garage sale for just $3 but it is really sturdy and in perfect condition.  I was worried Tucker wouldn't want it because last year he had a fun spiderman backpack.  That backpack fell apart so I wanted something different.  Tucker seemed to like this backpack too.

This shirt still looks giant on him.  It will be strange when one year it starts to fit him.
Tucker and a friend were reading the sign.  I thought it was funny when they said, "first day one st grade."

We had the whole gang to walk tucker to school, well except for Bob who had to work.  After we got home I was talking to Penelope about what we should do with just the three of us.  Then I realized there are still four of us.  It does change things when one is gone though.  All day Scarlett was saying "Cucker hiding."  I think she forgot he was at school.
I totally walked Tucker all the way into his class and took another picture.  I gave him a hug and told him bye.  He really didn't seem phased or worried at all.  He just wanted to start his dot to dot.  I get worried because he spends soooo much time at school, I just wish there was a way that he could only hear the good and I could shield him from the bad stuff.  It's not really possible when he is at school.

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Kayla said...

You have the most darlingest family ever!