Thursday, November 14, 2013

Family Pictures

A couple weeks ago we went out and had a friend take our family pictures.  Sometimes I forget how stressful it can be to be the person getting family pictures taken.  When I'm taking other people's pictures I think it is stressful to be the photographer because there is a lot of pressure to get nice picture.  But when you are getting your pictures taken it is a lot of work to get everyone ready and then you just have to hope they cooperate.

I like how they turned out.  Thank you Brittany for taking them.  I saved my favorite ones for our family Christmas cards so you will have to wait to see that one.

Which do you like?


Mary-Anne said...

Cute! I like the first one the best, but they're all cute. I don't know how you get all your kids to look the same direction all at once! Amazing! :)

Sofia Donatelli said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. I can't believe how big the baby is. Sitting up already.


Talitha said...

I like them all too but I think I like the last one best. It's cute how Penelope is looking back.

Anna said...

Love the last one with Penelope looking back... So adorable.