Friday, November 15, 2013

The Terrific Tucker

Tucker really wanted to participate in the school talent show this year so we came up with a magic act.  It was either that or him getting up there showing off his ninja moves.  Maybe we will save the ninja stuff for next year.

I took a video of the during school performance.  There is also a night time one for the parents.  The video skips the first couple seconds where he introduces himself as the Terrific Tucker, that part is cute but oh well.  Check it out.

I was so nervous for him.  There were only a couple other first graders participating and I was worried that they older kids wouldn't appreciate it.  But everything went well and he did a great job.  It was funny because he wasn't nervous at all.  Bob had to keep telling me that it doesn't matter if he messes up but I really wanted him to get it right.  So we practiced it over and over again.  He didn't really complain about it, we told him before hand that if he wanted to do the talent show we would need to do a lot of practicing.  We only found out about it one week before the tryouts.

Right before Tucker's turn he waved me over because he thought he needed help with something.  By the time I got there he had it worked out but he did drop one of his cards and didn't realize it.  Good thing I saw it and handed it to him before he walked up.  During the show it was hard to keep the other kids quiet.  Tucker was number 9 out of 30 something and it was hard for the girls to sit quietly.  Luckily, a friend came and we managed.

I am glad that he got to do it, but I am also glad it is over. :-)

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