Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Leon 8 Months

On the 19th Leon officially became 8 months old! I think he changed a lot over the past month.  He now has 4 teeth and he can crawl.  By crawl I mean army crawl not hands and knees crawl.  He had been moving around for a while but it was a combination of wiggling and rolling.  Three weeks ago during family home evening he started purposely going for the remote.  And the the next day he was doing around the house nonstop.  I thought my other kids slowly worked into it but not him.  One day he couldn't do it, and the next he was crawling everywhere at a pretty decent speed.  Check the end of the post for a video.
Doesn't he have the most perfect face?  I just love it.
I couldn't get him to show me all four of his teeth for the pictures.  Maybe next month.
Leon has still been bitting like crazy.  I can barely hold him without him chomping down on my arm or shoulder.  It really hurts!
I'm sure you can tell but his hair is full out blonde now.  It started very dark brown and has been getting lighter every month.
One thing I love about Leon is that he loves to play with everyone.  Sometimes he will be fussy and I will see Scarlett or Tucker or Penelope run over to him and start tickling him.  He loves it!  And he still has no problem going to people he doesn't know.  Please please please I hope that lasts.
He claps all the time.  I really like it while I am doing zumba, it is like he is cheering me on.
I have been getting rid of his baby stuff already.  Just last week I sold his swing on craigslist :-(.  I am happy to not have to store that stuff but it is hard to let it go.  

Leon's first crawl!

I love you Leon.


Ashley Elizabeth said...

He is absolutely adorable! You guys make some beautiful babies!



Carolyn McAfee said...

What a cute little handsome he is! Love those blue eyes! They will be a delight to photograph through the years!