Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving ramblings

Are you ready for Thanksgiving!  I am.  I actually can't wait.  Tucker has been having half days at school this week and part of last. The schedule mixup has been a big pain to me.  It makes the days seem super duper long.  Plus I'm going to my moms house so there isn't that much to do.  It isn't like I need to make a turkey or even clean the house ;-).

On Friday we went to Tucker's parent teacher conference.  I have to say it went pretty well. I didn't expect it to last for a half an hour but after talking to his teachers I really feel like they pay attention to Tucker and they want to help him learn.  Sometimes I think that he gets ignored because he is kind of in the middle of the class.  He isn't super loud or disruptive and he isn't ahead or behind so he doesn't get extra help because of that.  The main thing we need to work on with him is his spelling.  He isn't very good at listening to how words sound and then figuring out how to write them.  I don't really know how to help him with this besides just making him memorize how to spell words one at a time.  He is ahead in math.  And I'm not surprised because when Bob does math with Tucker he kind of takes it above and beyond what I would consider a first grade level, or second or third for that matter.

For family home evening on Monday we started setting up our Christmas decorations.  We never do it before Thanksgiving but it just seemed so late this year I couldn't wait.  If only Thanksgiving was in the middle of the month so we could have enough time to celebrate both Holidays.

I guess thats about it.  Sorry no pictures this time.

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Susanna said...

My mom home schools me, and I have to say the BEST spelling curriculum ever, is called Spelling Power.
It may be out of print, because it's kinda old, but you can goggle it and see. :D