Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Scarlett 2 1/2

Scarlett really seems to have grown a lot over the past couple of months.  That is in both personality and size.  She has grown out of some 2t clothes and is wearing 3t as well.  She basically takes whatever she likes from her or Penelope's dresser and puts it on.  Usually it is this old pink tutu that falls off her every five minutes because it isn't hers.  It is cute though.  She tells everyone that she is "Princess Lady."  I'm not sure what that means but when she wants that skirt she shouts "my pincess!"  I took this pictures before church on Sunday and because of the black she decided she was princes ninja.
It is fun to watch her grow.  She now runs around with Tucker and Penelope and plays games with them.  I heard them playing tag the other day and it was funny because Tucker and Penelope were running around (we have a circle they can endlessly go around in our house) shouting "SHES GOING TO GET ME!" obviously thinking Scarlett was it.  And she followed after them shouting "she get me!"  She didn't know what "it" means only that she is playing with them.
Scarlett still insists on having her yellow blanket with her at all times.  She now wants to have pink everything.  If I don't give her the pink cup or plate it is the end of the world.  She also likes to color on things.  This drives me crazy!  She colored on the walls 5 times last month!  One time we scrubbed the wall for over an hour and the next day I saw her coloring on a bench I just reupholstered.  I thought the scrubbing would deter her but even though she didn't like it she will still do it again in a heart beat.

Her vocabulary has grown a ton.  I even heard her say to bob "that's you" instead of "that's daddy."  She is one smart and fun little girl.
Scarlett gets so excited when either Bob or I walk into the house.  She always shouts "MOMMY!!!!!" and comes running.  It makes me feel important and special at the same time.  Those are just a couple of the reasons why I love Scarlett.

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Sofia Donatelli said...

That last picture looking to the side is priceless. What was she thinking? LOL Beautiful pictures.