Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Long Pony Tail Tutorial

It has been a while since I've done a hair tutorial.  I instantly fell in love with this type of pony tail I knew I had to share how its done.  Doing your hair this way makes your pony tail look very long.  It adds about 4 inches to the length of a normal pony tail.  And it is so easy!

My normal middle of the head pony tail ends about at my shoulders.  But check out the picture below.

I wanted this one to be extra fancy so I teased my hair and added a bump its.  I then did a small braid in the front and curled the ends under.  You do not need to do this I just felt like it.

Next I pulled the top half of my hair up into a high pony tail.
Here is the back.  Sorry the wind was blowing and I took these outside.
Lastly take the remaining hair and put it into a low pony tail.  Thats it!  You now have a really long looking pony tail without having crazy long hair.


Susanna said...

Doesn't it look weird to have 2 hair bands showing? Or does your hair cover the whole thing? :D

Doranda said...

The first pony covers the second, like in my first picture.

Christy said...

I just did this: so cute!!!