Monday, December 30, 2013

Frank and Oak Mens Clothing Giveaway

If your husband is like mine than he doesn't care too much what he looks like.  Bob cares more about how much it cost then the style.  At first I tried to get him to dress a certain way but after just a couple tries I learned to let go and let him get whatever he wants.  This way works out better for both of us.  I do have several friends to straight up shop for their husbands.  They will buy them clothes without their husband even around.  Sometimes I think that would be cool because then I would have total control over what he wears.

Anyway, I found this great mens clothing company called Frank and Oak.  The specialize in high quality fashion forward mens clothing!  There aren't too many stores out there that do that.  In fact in most stores it seems like the women's section is way larger than the mens.  I wouldn't mind if Bob started shopping here.  In fact, I think I would love it!
I pulled a few pictures off their website.  One cool thing about the company is that they come out with new clothing every month, and they have a wide range from dress shirts to swimwear to snow clothes.
I could totally see bob wearing this next piece.
Enter the giveaway to win one $25 gift card to Frank and Oak for your man!

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Alyssa said...

They have such handsome clothes! I hope I win this for Brand!! Would be so awesome!!

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