Friday, January 24, 2014

Baby Food

Now that Leon is eating a lot of solid food I started making my own.  I've always made my own because it is just so much cheaper and not very difficult.  About a week ago I got these need baby food trays that make things so much easier.  

I used to mash up the food and store it in an ice tray.  It works ok, but these trays are so great because they have a lid, and because the food is easy to get out.  So about once a week I mash up a bunch of vegetables, put them in the trays and freeze them.  Then when I need them I just turn on the sink and pour some hot water over the back of the tray and the food slides right out.  Next I easily microwave the food, or if I'm going to be gone I just leave the food frozen and let it thaw as I'm out and about until I'm ready for it.  Plus these trays stack very nicely to fit perfectly in my freezer.

I really like my Mumi and Bubi trays!

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Tiffany said...

He's so cute! I like making my own baby food for my kids, too. I used to love the homemade applesauce so much that I'd eat it myself. =)