Thursday, January 23, 2014

Swimming Lessons

We signed Tucker up for swimming lessons again and he absolutely loves it!  Tucker is one of those kids that just loves the water.  He is never scared to jump in and smiles really big the entire time.  He took lessons almost two years ago but only did two cycles and that wasn't enough for him to be able to swim on his own.  Well, that, and the fact that he was only four.  I want all my kids to be confident in their swimming ability.  Tucker is actually already confident in his ability but I'm not.  He thinks he can swim better than he actually does.

Here they are learning to blow "nose bubbles."
Penelope has been coming to watch.  We wanted to sign her up as well but she was too scared and I didn't want to fight her on it.  I'm hoping that after watching she will feel brave enough to sign up next month.  She loves watching the youngest class (the one she would be in). And sometimes she says she wants to do it.  But she doesn't want to dunk her head under water or take a shower before the lesson starts.

Notice her red cheeks?  It is super hot in the pool room.
During his first and second lesson I thought things were going to be too easy for him.  But on his third it felt like they started teaching him knew things.  

Here the are practicing kicking.
Tucker was freezing afterward, I don't think he wanted to stop for this picture.

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