Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Decades Dance

Tucker's school had a family decades dance on Friday.  I knew we were going but I wasn't sure we were going to dress up.  So when I got home at 5:30 and found Bob and Tucker all decked out I went and grabbed my pioneer dress.  So half of us were from a very old decade and Penelope and Scarlett were from the 80s
The kids loved it! I was surprised that Tucker wasn't dancing full out.  He goes crazy at home, but I guess he was feeling a little shy.  Thats not really like him, but I guess when it comes to his dancing he isn't full of confidence.
Sorry the pictures are all blurry, it is hard in the dark.
We ended up leaving a little early.  Mostly so we could put the kids in bed.  But partly because of the song choice.  I'm kind of a prude about it, but I think the songs at an elementary school shouldn't have swearing.  Trust me, it isn't like we left after the first swear word.  The DJ didn't seem to care at all about that sort of thing.  I would say about half the songs wouldn't pass for a church dance.  I know this wasn't a church function, but come on, it was for young kids.

Anyway everyone had fun and I'm glad we went.  Even if it was sort of last minute.


Sofia Donatelli said...

You live in a great town. You keep so busy.

Have a wonderful day!

Carrie Anderson said...

That is ridiculous (the music with the swearing). I would complain if I were you! Stuff like that really upsets me.

You guys all look way cute though!

Talitha said...

I agree you should say something to the pta, or school board, or whoever set it up. There is so many bad songs out there but defiantly not appropriate for a kids school party!