Monday, January 27, 2014

Ear Warmer Giveaway!

Last week Alyssa from Impractical Composition send Penelope this adorable ear warmer and she has been wanting to wear it every day since.  She actually cried when I took it from her because I didn't want her to loose it before I had time to take these pictures.  I think she especially loves the bow.  That and the fact that she has seen me wear my similar ear warmers.  I have two.
I love how soft the yarn is.  And I love the bow too.  I have a hard time getting her to wear hats and  sometimes when its really cold outside I wish she would wear them.  This head band she doesn't complain about at all.  And another bonus is that she can easily wear it when her hair is up in a pony tail.  We do it that way a lot and it makes any kind of winter hat hard to put on.
Alyssa has all kinds of different designs, including adult ones, at her shop and she sells them for only... wait for it... $11.  I think that is a good deal.  Especially if you think about how long it takes a person to crochet something.  I've made a few baby hats but have never sold any because I would have to charge about $100 because they take me so long.
But lucky for you Alyssa is giving one away for free!  Just enter the giveaway below.

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Sofia Donatelli said...

How adorable!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

JanM ♥ said...

These are lovely! I love the Bow Ear Warmer Headband in Black! :)


Monica said...

These are cute, they *almost* make me wish I had a little girl!

Travis and Brittany said...

Love the bows on them!