Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Leon's 10 Months Old

Leon really seems to have gotten older during the last month.  He now pulls himself up to a stand and crawls the regular way.  I even saw him pull him self up, bend down to grab something and stand back up (while still holding on to the couch).  He also is very good at going up the stairs.  That kind of came out of no where, it was like one day he went up a couple stairs and that was it.  Then two weeks later he can do the entire stair case no problem.
Leon has 6 teeth, but I think that might be the same as last month.
I know you can't see in these pictures but I think he is about ready for another hair cut.  So far he has had one major hair cut and two trims (around the ears, and the neck).  I don't know any 10-month-olds who need a fourth hair cut!
I love his new hat.  I think he is going to wear it every day to church until it doesn't fit him anymore.  Which will probably be in a month or two.
I was saving some cute videos of Leon to put up with this post.  But we lost our video camera :(  We took it sledding and haven't seen it since.  I'm hoping it just turns up and that someone didn't take it.

I love Leon!  He is like my little buddy that I just take everywhere.  Seriously, I was feeling sick the other morning and I just wanted Leon to snuggle in bed with me.  So I held him in bed and played with him and even though I still felt sick I did feel much better.  He is still really smiley and loves to climb all over me and try to bite my fingers.  I can't believe he is coming up on his birthday already!

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Sofia Donatelli said...

God bless him. He's adorable. Love how you dressed him.

Hope you have a wonderful day.