Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I know a lot of people out there wear glasses/contacts and so when I came across this deal for I wanted to share it with my readers.  Just use the code Blog10 and you will get 10% off any order.

I've been lucky so far and not needed eyeglasses.  I always pass the vision tests with no problem.  But I don't always feel lucky about it.  Even when I was a child I thought the kids who got to wear glasses were the lucky ones.  They are a fun accessory.  And I saw this 6 month old baby wearing glasses, she was so cute!

Now I definitely see how it can be a pain to put in your contacts every morning.  That is why I said I'm lucky to not need them.  Sometimes I wish I could get away with wearing fake glasses without getting looks and snickers from strangers.  The cost of glasses can also be pricey but, I know there are get cute discount eyeglasses out there.
 I found these fun eyeglasses online, and could totally see myself wearing them.
Both my parents now wear glasses that they are getting older so I'm pretty sure I'll get my chance.  But for now I'll just wear my fake glasses and have fun with sunglasses.

Check out this Virtual Mirror.

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Mary-Anne said...

You are SO lucky you don't need glasses or contacts. I HATE wearing them. They are a huge pain in the butt. I want to get LASIK as soon as I'm done having kids.