Thursday, January 9, 2014

Snow Fun

We got a little bit of snow a couple weeks before Christmas.  It came in the middle of the night and when I woke up I was really excited.  Of course the kids decided to sleep in that morning so Bob and I decided to wake them up so they could play before it melted.  It happened to be one of Bob's Friday's off so we all bundled up and headed out.

This snowman took up most of the snow.
Tucker's school got a two hour delay so we had plenty of time to play.
Scarlett didn't last long before she said she was cold and went inside by herself.  Maybe has to do with the fact that she wouldn't wear gloves or a hat.
Tucker and Penelope stayed out even longer than me and played in the back alone.  I went in with Leon and Bob after an hour.
Even though it wasn't a lot of snow, I'm glad that we got some for the kids to play in!  I kind of want to move somewhere with lots of snow just for the sake of the kids playing in it.

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Mary-Anne said...

Move here! We have plenty of snow. :) Although we're getting a little sick of the cold and snow here. It's getting a little old. We're ready for spring!