Friday, February 7, 2014

Bowling Night

We like to take the kids on base to go bowling every once in a while as a family.  Its pretty cheap ($12 for an hour) and we are always the only ones there.  This time seemed to go extra well.  Tucker did his bowls all by himself.  He needed some work on the proper form but who doesn't?
Bob told Penelope that if she leans the ball will go that way.  I don't think she really believed him though.  Afterward she said,"Mom, doing this (leaning) doesn't really make the ball move does it?"
Tucker totally threw this one and a few others overhand.  I'm surprised we didn't get yelled at.
Scarlett thought it was lost of fun.  She sometime lost interest between throwing the ball and waiting for it to hit the pins.

We were on the edge so about half way through the kids decided to run up and down and cheer everyone on.  They seemed like they were having the time of their lives.
Leon even had fun crawling around and pulling himself up on things. 

I think in the end Bob won by more than double.  Then Tucker got something like 69 and I got 64 and the girls were a little under that.  Tucker really wanted to beat me.  We were close the entire time.  Keep in mind that he had bumpers on and I didn't ;-)  It usually takes me a couple games to get the hang of it again.  But we only played one.  Actually our hour ran out when Bob and Scarlett were on their last frame.  Everyone else finished.  The nice lady turned it back on so they could finish.  

I think next we are going to try roller skating.


Sofia Donatelli said...

Adorable pictures and memories.

Happy Friday!

DerrK said...

Bowling is always fun especially with younger trying their darndest to get that ball down the lane.

Let us know when you go roller skating (unless it's strictly a family thing), we'll join in. We always talk about it, but never go.