Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dad's Birthday

We went down to my parents house to celebrate my Dads birthday.  It seems like its been a while since we last did that.  I guess with less and less family living in the area there are less birthday's to celebrate and less people to celebrate with.  I wish all my family (including in-laws) lived in the same town.  Or even in the same state would be great.

Anyway, my kids especially love going to visit grandma and grandpa.  My dad is doing well and it was fun to see him.  My mom made him this yummy chocolate caramel walnut cake.  I wan't feeling well so I made sure and brought a big piece home for later.  It was perfect with some ice cream on the side!
 I think Tucker has his cape on in this picture.
My camera wasn't focusing right that day so I only got a few pictures.   Turns out, you need to clean the lens once in a while if you want it to focus on objects other than the dirt on the lens.

We also played cranium.  This has got to be one of my favorite games to play.  Somehow we needed to break and change two poopy diapers and one poopy underwear during the game.  Potty training is so fun (sarcasm)!


Anna said...

We are potty training too... its been an adventure!

Talitha said...

I love cranium too!