Thursday, February 13, 2014

Double Heart Braid Tutorial

Penelope had her preschool valentine party yesterday so I tried out a new heart hair do.  This Valentines Hairstyle might be my favorite one yet.  It was pretty easy and it looks fancy.  Perfect for a little girl or even an adult.  I would totally wear my hair like this.  I'll let the pictures do the explaining.

1. Take a heart shape section of hair on the top of her head and put a rubber band on it.
2. Do a topsie tail but make sure the hair comes out the top by making a gap in the hair before the rubber band then send the ends of the hair through the gap starting down and going up.
3. Split the hair in half and make two braids.  Then curve them into a heart shape and use a rubber band to connect them.
4.  Pull the rest of the hair into a side ponytail and add the braid ends to it.  Then braid all the hair!

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Christy said...

That is seriously adorable!:)