Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pony Party

Penelope and Scarlett went to a friends cowgirl birthday party.  At first I thought they didn't really have any clothes to dress up it.  But I think they turned out really cute for just putting stuff together that morning using what we already had.
It looks sunny but it was freezing outside, so they also wore coats on top of their jackets.
The party was really cute and they even had a huge surprise!
Two ponies came!  The official Seahawks pony and Tinkerbell the pink pony.  This Seahawks pony is so cute and tiny.  I guess he was the one at the parade, for those of you who watched it.
Penelope was very hesitant at first.  She kept asking me how fast they were going to go.  And at first she wouldn't even touch them.  But once she saw their speed, and the other kids riding them she warmed right up to the idea and loved it.
Scarlett wasn't as scared but she did hold on tight.  If you can't tell by the huge smile on her face, she also loved it.
Thanks Kelli for having such an elaborate party and giving my girls an experience they never would have gotten otherwise!  


Anna said...

What an awesome Birthday party!!

Talitha said...

The ponies and the girls are so cute!